Engage, Empower, and Enlighten Your Soul


Kaala Chakra

Kaala Chakra is the Wheel of Time which governs our progression and plays out our Karmas. It is our Soul Clock. Mastering Kaala Chakra can lead to freedom from illusion and Karma, and bring enlightenment, and access to the miracle energies.


The Five Elements

The 5 Elements are God's building blocks of creation. By charging this ancient system of mantra and yantra, you are connecting to the energy of God in everything. These processes bring profound healing, purification and empowerment to body and soul.


Sacred Pregnancy:

A mother can develop her child’s soul as it is growing in your womb. These techniques for Mothers and Practitioners can awaken the highest spiritual energy and create a Divine Child


Sacred Menopause

The time of menopause is a time when the wise blood is held within; a crowning time of your sacred feminine power. Learn the ancient practices of empowerment to reach your enlightenment and become a wise woman.


Introduction to Soul Healing:

This introductory course presents the underlying understanding and basic practices of soul healing. You can learn to heal all aspect of life from the deepest causal level-- the soul.